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DMS Laser Profiles Solid Work


DMS use SolidWorks 3D CAD Design software, enabling us to develop and prove extremely complex components in a 3D environment before downloading onto our CNC machines. Using 3D models to develop coordination drawings, ensures that the design can be visualised and developed to assist and improve the manufacture process. SolidWorks allows us to create 2D drawings faster with automatic updates for 100% accuracy, and minor problems are easily detected in 3D design models which can be eliminated before they are manufactured.

“Minor problems are easily detected, and eliminated”

DMS Laser Profiles Solid Work
Our team also use AutoCAD 2D and sophisticated CAD / CAM computer software allowing complex profiles to be laser cut from a variety of customer inputs; a hand drawn sketch, detailed engineering drawing, scanned images or DXF files. Retention of customer drawing files facilitates cost-effective design modifications and replication. Our CAD / CAM software allows automatic nesting of parts, and twin pallet loading minimises set-up time resulting in short lead times and low costs to our customers.

Additionally, DMS utilise our 3D and CAD/CAM software to produce programs for our brake press. For more information please see CNC Folding.

DMS Laser Profiles Solid Work
DMS Laser Profiles CAD Design
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