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DMS have a LVD 135/30 CNC Press brake for CNC Folding with a maximum capacity of 135 tonnes and maximum bending length of 3050mm, with an open height of 400mm.
Our exclusive bending software simplifies the programming of formed parts and automatically determines the correct blank size. 2D and 3D parts can also be
input at the machine control, allowing the flexibility to program parts both online and offline.

“Complete in house secondary operations facility accelerates process to delivery with quicker set up and more complex folding activity”

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With the Easy Form Laser monitoring and correction system, the LVD press brake eliminates trial bending, providing accurate and repeatable results. The Easy Form measures angles for 45 to 150 degrees and will adapt to variations in material consistency, so the bend process is not interrupted and production is not lost.

We currently use Cadman software in conjunction with SolidWorks to produce folded parts from flat developments and accept 3D drawings from clients in .sat and .step file formats

Please contact us for more information on our sheet metal, laser cutting and CNC folding services.

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